“Dirtbusters did my apartment move out and I got my WHOLE security deposit back! The fact that they work for a lot of apartment complexes in Green Bay sure gives them and edge that other cleaners do not have.”

“Thanks to Kathy and her crew my home looks beautiful and frees me up to do other activities. Kathy’s staff is always courteous and does a job over and above the expected!”

“To My Incredible Dirt Buster Family, I just wanted to send a quick note and THANK YOU all for what you do for me with cleaning every other week. It is so wonderful for me to have this done, and I am incredibly appreciative. Many people, I’m sure, would love to comment that I’m a stay-at—home mom and should be cleaning my flippin’ house myself. Well..,God gave everyone different gifts, and cleaning isn’t my gift! đŸ˜‰ I am grateful.”
-Michelle Blackman

Cleaning supplies“I am a client of Dirt Busters. I love the work they do for my family and I. As a stay at home mother of three and a home-maker, it may cause some to question as to why I would need to hire people to clean my house. The answer is simple…I am meticulous. I could never keep up with my idea of clean and take care of my family at the same time. Dirt Busters has solved my domestic troubles. I love the freedom they have given me and the peace of mind that my home is CLEAN! Thank you Kathy and Lisa!”
-Sara Vaughan

“The Dirt Busters crew has been an excellent choice for our home cleaning needs. As professionals both on the phone and in person, I can rely on them to be timely, efficient, thorough and trustworthy in my home with my family and pets. I highly recommend Dirt Busters to everyone!”

“Dirt Busters has been responsible for both my residential and my business cleaning for years. Being a working mother and entrepreneur, having one less thing to worry about is a big deal for me. It is extremely relieving to know that I can trust this crew to keep both my living space and my office space organized, clean and germ free! Thanks, Dirt Busters for all you do to make my life easier!”
-Gina Christenson (Green Bay Net)

“I have had Dirt Busters cleaning my house for the past four years. They have done an outstanding job every time they have been there. Dirt Busters is trustworthy and thorough. I highly recommend Dirt Busters. Thank you Dirt Busters!!”
-Dick Pierquett Lt. Suamico

“We are very satisfied customers of Dirt Busters. They clearly have gained my trust. I am amazed by how throughly they clean our home, every surface, small shelves even areas we haven’t even discussed. One day my refridgerator wouldn’t shut, Kathy pulled things out and moved them until the problem was fixed and the door would shut. They also put away everything that might have been left out. If you are looking for a good cleaner, give Dirt Busters a call, and I’m sure you’ll be satisfied with how clean your house is as we were.”
-Linda and Jeff LeMay